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    PPSB RULES (Must Read Before Posting)


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    PPSB RULES (Must Read Before Posting) Empty PPSB RULES (Must Read Before Posting)

    Post  Miguel on Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:32 pm

    These are the official rules of PPSB.Violating any of them will result to a warning or a ban.Please follow all of these rules at all times:

    Posting a message that isn't even related to the thread's subject is spamming.Always make sure your message makes sense.Always try to read your message again before posting it.Advertising a website,short messages that don't even make sense or posting messages over and over again(often made to increase someone's posts).

    Making a thread about someone breaking a rule is considered spam.If you see someone breaking a rule, tell a moderator or anyone with a special rank.DO NOT ACT AS A MODERATOR.This will just result of arguments and people having fights.

    Do not flame,insult or even swear.This will also lead to arguments and people having fights.Don't insult others for not following the rules.If you have a problem with someone, try to solve it in a friendly manner.If you see someone breaking the rule,just tell a moderator about it.

    IV.Do not revive threads
    Do not revive threads when you don't really have to.If it's really that important,ask a moderator first to see if it's really needed.

    Only use one account.When anyone get caught on a another account that they made, this will lead the person out of PPSB.

    Post your messages on the right forums.Any topic that is put on the wrong forum will be deleted and marked as spam.

    You may only bump your thread once every 2 days.But you may update your thread once a day(new pens on your trade thread).This is often done to get his/her post on top of the page and get noticed by other people.If you bump it more than once a day, it will be marked spam.


    Q:What if I see someone breaking the rules?

    A:Tell a moderator about it.Don't make a thread saying that a person broke the rule.

    Q:How many warnings does it take to get banned?

    A:Warnings will be sent by moderators(or someone with a higher rank)to someone who had broken a rule.W1 for warning 1
    W2 for warning 2-1 Week locked account
    W3 for Warning 3-2 Week locked account
    W4 for Warning 4-BAN
    After having all 3 warnings, the account will be banned from the forums.
    A person may create another account after being banned.But it is strongly recommended to read the rules again before making another account.

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